About Tiny Home

Josh fell in love with ice cream at an early age, when his Granddad showed him that eating ice cream for dinner was perfectly acceptable. Years later, when  Meera gave him an ice cream maker for my birthday, she had no idea what she was starting. Making ice cream turned out to be the the perfect blend of our math and engineering backgrounds and our love for consuming entire pints of Ben & Jerry’s. After Josh churned his first batch, we were hooked and set out to make the richest, creamiest ice cream we could.

After we got married, we moved into a 264 sq. ft. apartment that we’ve affectionately dubbed Tiny Home. It’s a weekday hangout spot for our friends, but also the test kitchen where Josh spent months researching ice cream thermodynamics and composition, experimenting with different ingredients, and even writing software that allows me to design and fine-tune recipes to suit each flavor. Now finally, we've decided it’s time to share the goodness beyond the walls of Tiny Home.